Heritage Is A Living Memory

Remembering On the morning of April 2nd, the party members and cadres of the Gulangyu Administrative Committee visited the solemn heroic garden to remember and honor the heroes who put their lives down for the freedom of Kulangsu. The fighters liberated Kulangsu with their own flesh and blood, and today residents of Kulangsu are fighting […]

Big Dreams Put Into Four Models: Kulangsu’s Bright Future

This spring the protectors of Kulangsu’s natural beauty set brand new goals. They developed four unique models in order to adequately organize and direct actions. So, do you know what these four models are? ★ Cultural heritage protection and use model ★  Community social governance model ★  Cultural tourism integration model ★  Model of team building management. We all know that […]

Perfect Representative of China’s Astonishing Art – Kulangsu’s Very Own Xu Manke

Kulangsu – home of the noblest and most elegant women. “Kulangsu’s Daughter” She walked in graciously from the Xinzhuang Garden in her elegant cheongsam. Instantly you can feel a special aura around her – a typical oriental noble temperament. She is gentle, quiet, and elegant, just like Ms. Song Meiling that Americans got to know […]