Perfect Representative of China’s Astonishing Art – Kulangsu’s Very Own Xu Manke

Kulangsu – home of the noblest and most elegant women. “Kulangsu’s Daughter” She walked in graciously from the Xinzhuang Garden in her elegant cheongsam. Instantly you can feel a special aura around her – a typical oriental noble temperament. She is gentle, quiet, and elegant, just like Ms. Song Meiling that Americans got to know […]

Holiday Countdown! Have You Heard of This Kulangsu Villa Route?

How many of the Kulangsu’s old villas can you name in 10 seconds? Time starts now! The majority of tourists named the following popular villas: Gossip House, Huangjia Garden, Huang Rongyuan Hall, and Sea Paradise Construction. If you’ve named these as well, your answer is correct – these are indeed the most-talked-about villas of Kulangsu. But if […]