Chu Family Garden (Chu Jia Yuan 褚家园)

This well-known romantic garden café is one more piece of proof that Kulangsu is paradise. Leaves blow in the sunny breeze, flowers bloom, and birds serenade you with a symphony while you sit at wooden tables under umbrellas in the shade of an old brick mansion. It’s an alluring respite for weary feet and jack of […]

Miracle Paradise Bar & Gift Shop (Xi Wu 隙屋)

This indoor-outdoor café-bar (Xi Wu 隙屋酒吧) has been around for more than eight years, and it’s an absolute gem–one of the true treasures of Kulangsu nightlife. The shaded hipster garden is a work of outsider art. Hanging lanterns, spinning pinwheels, bric-a-brac, and eclectic music give the place a French-Quarter-of-Kulangsu feel. The bar is the brainchild […]