Sunlight Rock Temple (Ri Guang Yan Si 日光岩寺)

Sunlight Rock Temple, originally named “Lotus Nunnery”, was rebuilt in the 14th Year of the Wanli Reign of the Ming Dynasty (AD 1586). The main hall, General Funds Hall (Yuan Tong Bao Dian), is a huge cave carved into a rock at the hill’s peak and supported by stone columns and crosspieces, hence the nickname “One Tile Roof”. In 1936, the eminent Buddhist monk, Master Hong Yi, spent a time of retreat in a room in the east wing of the Temple. He inscribed a plaque for his retreat room, “Sunlight Courtyard”. Address: 60-62 Huangya Road, Gulangyu Island, Siming District, Xiamen City, China 建于明代正德年间,原名莲花庵,1586年重建。因建于日光岩山麓,每当太阳升起,阳光正射到山石和寺内,故名。1936年,弘一法师曾在东厢寮房闭关静修,并自题舍匾“日光别院”。 地址:厦门市思明区鼓浪屿晃岩路60—62号

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