Foreigners’ Football Field (Ren Min Ti Yu Chang 人民体育场 / Ma Yue Han Ti Yu Chang 马约翰体育场)

The Foreigners’ Football Field was built before 1878 and originally used as a lawn tennis court and cricket field. It was subsequently used primarily for playing soccer. In 1910, the court was an important venue for the reception ceremony for the AmCham delegation. This historic, sprawling soccer pitch serves as an informal divider between the Kulangsu Town and Southern Parks + Beaches neighborhoods. You can generally wander around on its well-manicured grass when the stadium is not being used for a match. The giant banyan tree by the corner entrance of the stadium is a crossroads for Kulangsu, with one path leading toward Nei Cuo Ao and the other toward the heart of the Long Tou Road shopping area. Soccer matches happen periodically depending on the season, and the occasional rugby match shows up too. The stadium is lined on all sides by picturesque palms and upscale shops. Address:19 Zhonghua Road, Gulangyu Island, Siming District, Xiamen City, China 人民体育场建于1878年之前,最早是用作网球和板球的场地,而后逐渐被用作足球场。在1910年曾经作为美国商会授权仪式的场所。当该场所没有进行体育比赛时,游客们可以漫步在这片青青草地,或坐在大榕树树荫底下,享受美好的休闲时光。 地址:厦门市思明区鼓浪屿中华路19号

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