Xiamen Music Competition on Kulangsu, Gang Hai Hou Beach (厦门鼓浪屿沙滩音乐节)

On July 22nd, 2017, the Music Xiamen was hosting its first music competition on Kulangsu, Gang Hai Hou beach. The concert featured bands, dancers and live performers from all over China in a competition. 2017年7月22日,音乐厦门在鼓浪屿的港仔后沙滩举办了首届乐团大赛鼓浪屿沙滩音乐节。这个演唱会聚集了全国各地的乐团、舞者与现场表演者进行音乐比赛。

Gang Zai Hou Beach (Gang Zai Hou Sha Tan 港仔后沙滩)

This is the biggest and most popular beach on Kulangsu. It was once a popular spot for outdoor concerts. Stand in the middle of Gang Zai Hou’s golden sands, and you’ll be surrounded on all sides by wonders. To your left, lies a thicket of bearded coconut palms, the graceful green-roofed pagodas of the Shu […]