Holiday Countdown! Have You Heard of This Kulangsu Villa Route?

How many of the Kulangsu’s old villas can you name in 10 seconds? Time starts now! The majority of tourists named the following popular villas: Gossip House, Huangjia Garden, Huang Rongyuan Hall, and Sea Paradise Construction. If you’ve named these as well, your answer is correct – these are indeed the most-talked-about villas of Kulangsu. But if […]

We Bet You’ve Never Seen This Exclusive Kulangsu Route! | New Year Special

Would you like to start off the new year right and pamper yourself with an exciting, fun holiday? We recommend an exclusive route which will allow you to see Kulangsu in a whole new light! Family road line: Kulangsu Nature Tour Recommended by: Liu Haisang Liu Haisang is a researcher of the Subtropical Research Institute […]

French Artist and Kulangsu (法国艺术家与鼓浪屿)

Born in Rennes, France, Lao Pi is currently a professor for Institute of Art, La Roche, France, University of Lyon, and ECOLE DU LOUVRE. In France, he is very famous for static painting.Lao Pi has been very obsessed with Chinese culture since he was kid,so he came to China in 2006, and since then he […]