Weibo Bar, Kulangsu (Gulangyu)

American hip hop and R&B greet you as you walk into this dark, eclectically decorated haunt whose name (Weibo Jiu Ba 围脖酒吧) means “scarf bar.” There’s an amusing collection of wall decorations and a periodic one-man live music show, but the real highlight of the interior is the movie screen, which plays comedies with their soundtracks […]

Canaan D Cocktail Bar (迦南D)

In New York, it was Milk & Honey. In Houston, it was Anvil. On Kulangsu, the next-generation cocktail culture has been shaped by a genuine, hard-working man named Gino, an island native who (in addition to being a star attacker for a semi-pro soccer team) has raised the mixology bar forever. Drinks are serious, but […]

Miracle Paradise Bar & Gift Shop (Xi Wu 隙屋)

This indoor-outdoor café-bar (Xi Wu 隙屋酒吧) has been around for more than eight years, and it’s an absolute gem–one of the true treasures of Kulangsu nightlife. The shaded hipster garden is a work of outsider art. Hanging lanterns, spinning pinwheels, bric-a-brac, and eclectic music give the place a French-Quarter-of-Kulangsu feel. The bar is the brainchild […]