Yanwei Hill Time Cannon (Yan Wei Shan Sheng Tai Gong Yuan 燕尾山生态公园)

The Yanwei Hill Time Cannon Emplacement was set up by Xiamen Customs toward the end of the nineteenth century. The cannon used to fire once at twelve noon every Saturday so customs officers and passing vessels could synchronize their timepieces. The time cannon adopted the standard time in accordance with the clock on the Xiamen customs house. Today, items related to the time cannon are still preserved in the open-air museum, which can be viewed day or night. It’s one of the island’s more untouched corners, and a particularly romantic spot for private sunsets. Address: Guxin Road, Gulangyu Island, Siming District, Xiamen City, China 燕尾山午炮位于燕尾山脊平坡处,由厦门海关设立。19世纪后期,厦门海关港务管理部门“理船厅公署”,在“燕尾山”坡顶设置了一门“雾炮”,在雾天海上灯塔、航标失灵的情况下,起到指引船只、进行正常行驶的作用。之后,海关雇员每星期六午间12点前,遥望海峡对面的厦门海关楼顶大壁钟,到12点整时鸣炮两响,藉以通知海关及鼓浪屿社区居民对准时间。现今,与“雾炮”相关联的东西仍然被保存于此,不管白天黑夜都可以来观赏。对了,这还是看日落的好地方哦。 地址:厦门市思明区鼓浪屿鼓新路

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