Restoration Of Some Kulangsu Sights (鼓浪屿景点修复)

On Kulangsu Island, there are many places that are very beautiful. Since Kulangsu became a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, the local government has been working on the restoration of some tourist sights such as the Inscriptions on Cliff Surfaces, and a big rock laying on the ocean which looks like a lion. The Associate […]

Trace the Heritage Hostnig On Kulangsu (“世遗寻踪”将在鼓浪屿举行)

To follow President Xi’s direction on maintaining the culture heritage of Kulangsu Island, the Xiamen Mid-autumn Travel Carnival will promote complement event, Trace the Heritage, which will combine the Carnival story with Kulangsu culture heritage to enhance local citizen and tourists’ knowledges about Bo Bing culture and World Cultural Heritage. The event will be hosting on […]