Yang Family Mansion (Yang Jia Yuan 杨家园)

Around 1913, the Philippine Chinese Yang Zhongquan and Yang Zhongyi purchased and razed an London Missionary Society house and in its place built, one after the other, the four buildings that form the present complex. It is a hotel now with a beautiful garden. Address: Road, Gulangyu Island, Siming District, Xiamen City, China 大约在1913年,菲旅华人杨忠权和杨忠懿兄弟向英国长老会购得旧房一栋,并将其推倒重建了四栋别墅,也就是我们现在看到的“杨家园”。目前是一个带有美丽大花园的酒店。 地址:厦门市思明区鼓浪屿安海路4号

Listening to Kulangsu (Ting Gulangyu 听鼓浪屿)

My first introduction to Kulangsu was “Gulangyu Zhi Bo,” played by Jing. I had heard it at least fifty times before I ever saw Kulangsu, and before I even knew this was originally a song with words. It was my favorite song on Jing’s CD, which I played obsessively in my car when she was […]

UNESCO set to approve Kulangsu (Gulangyu), China as World Cultural Heritage Site

UNESCO recommendation that Kulangsu (Gulangyu) become a World Cultural Heritage Site: In the 2017 Evaluations of Nominations of Cultural and Mixed Properties, ICOMOS report for the World Heritage Committee (41st ordinary session, Krakow, 2 – 12 July 2017) “Kulangsu: A historic international settlement” Location Fujian Province China Brief description Kulangsu is a tiny island located at […]

Long Time No See Bar (Hao Jiu Bu Jian 好久不见)

The Long Time No See Bar (Hao Jiu Bu Jian 好久不见), Kulangsu’s biggest, loudest, and liveliest music bar hops with activity almost every night of the week, and really hums on weekends. The resident band is the best on the island for pop music, mixed with a variety of comedy that’s visually funny enough to […]