Pianist Yin Chengzong’s house (Yin Cheng Zong Zhai 殷承宗宅)

Kulangsu’s most famous pianist, Yin Chengzong, still owns and periodically visits this hilltop house. It is one of the island’s most beautiful private homes, now inhabited by the pianist’s brother, Yin Chengdian, who is a first-rate musician in his own right and the former dean of the Xiamen Music School. In 1924, Yin’s father bought the […]

Jing Yang, “Daughter of Kulangsu”

The world-renowned violist and violinist Jing Yang is the newest star in a constellation of globally famous classical musicians from Kulangsu. It is here on our idyllic island that Jing first began to shape her trademark style. She graduated from the Xiamen Music School and joined the Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra at age 15. At the […]