Trinity Church (San Yi Tang 三一堂)

As more and more Christians moved to Kulangsu in the 1920s, Xiamen Church, New Street Church and Bamboo Church cooperated to make worship more convenient by building a Kulangsu church in 1934. The name “Trinity Church” alludes to its joint construction by the three churches, as well as the doctrine of the Trinity. (The Chinese […]

The One Place In The Life Bar (Yi Xi 一席)

This recently opened bar and restaurant took over a large swath of the island’s Xiamen-facing outdoor-bar territory between the Lun Du ferry port and the San Qiu Tian tourist ferry terminal, along the Xiamen-facing boardwalk. If you turn left as you’re stepping out of the San Qiu Tian tourist ferry terminal, it’ll be the biggest bar garden in […]

McDonald’s (Mai Dang Lao 麦当劳)

One of China’s best branches of the legendary American fast-food chain, Kulangsu’s outpost has a few outdoor tables from which you can gaze over the treetops of the main port square and giant octopus statute, and many light-soaked indoor tables from which you can enjoy that same view through giant picture windows. Cheeseburgers are consistently […]

Evening and late-night tourist ferry service between Xiamen and Kulangsu Island (Gulangyu)

Xiamen Lun Du to Kulangsu Town Evening Ferry Runs approx. once every 15-20 minutes, 5:50pm to 11:45pm (from 6:50pm June to September). Departs from Xiamen’s Lun Du Terminal 2 (Xia Men Lun Du Ma Tou 厦门轮渡码头2号厅), located in central Xiamen near Zhong Shan Road and the Lujiang Harborview Hotel. Lands at San Qiu Tian ferry terminal (San […]

Daytime tourist ferry service from Xiamen to Kulangsu Island (Gulangyu)

Xiamen Dong Du to Nei Cuo Ao Daytime Ferry Runs in both directions approx. once every 20 minutes, 7:10am to 5:40pm (until 6:40pm June to September). Departs from Xiamen’s Dong Du International Terminal, 2 Donggang Road, Huili District (Xia Men You Lun Zhong Xin, Xia Gu Ma Tou, Dong Du 厦门邮轮中心, 厦鼓码头, 东渡), located on the west side of […]