Xu Fei Ping 许斐平

Xu Fei Ping was born in 1952 on Kulangsu Island. His father was a priest and his mother was a pianist at a church. Growing up in a Christian family which has rich musical atmosphere, Xu Fei Ping was enriched by what he saw and heard, and showed his amazing receptivity and understanding of music from an incredibly early age. At the age of 5, he could play “Sheng Jing”precisely. When he was 6 years old, he was able to host his public performance at “San Yi Tang” on Gulangyu Island. In 1970, the 18-year-old Xu Fei Ping became the chief piano solo performer at the Central Philharmonic Orchestra. In 1979, Xu Fei Ping went to the United States for studying, and then he was flowering of talent on the international stage and praised as “gem of music and prodigious talent” by the San Francisco Observer. 许斐平1952年出生于鼓浪屿,父亲是牧师,母亲是教堂里的司琴手。在这样一个音乐氛围浓郁的基督教家庭里,许斐平耳濡目染,表现出对音乐惊人的接受力和理解力,5岁时就能准确无误的弹奏出《圣诗》。6岁时就在鼓浪屿三一堂举行钢琴公开演出。1970年,年仅18岁的许斐平已担任中央乐团钢琴首席独奏原。1979年,许斐平赴美国留学,在国际舞台上大放光彩,被美国《旧金山观察报》誉为“乐坛瑰宝,绝世奇才”。

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