X-Readspace (Xiao Xue Tang Chong Dong Shu Dian 晓学堂虫洞书店)

The Chinese name of this masterfully renovated two-story brick mansion, adjacent to Hai Tian Tang Gou Mansion, literally translates to “Worm Hole Bookstore.” But this business is hardly just a bookstore: the core belief of the founders is that globally disparate civilizations can interact with each other across time & space…beginning right here. The Worm Hole Bookstore claims inspiration […]

Long Tou Public Food Market (Long Tou Cai Shi Chang 龙头菜市场)

This colorful food bazaar, which takes up a town block, is bursting with energy and speed. It’s paradise for the home cook who has a fetish for the kind of traditional local produce, dairy, meat, and fish you can only get at a farmer’s market like this. Group tourists rarely wander through this market, but for the […]

Miracle Paradise Bar & Gift Shop (Xi Wu 隙屋)

This indoor-outdoor café-bar (Xi Wu 隙屋酒吧) has been around for more than eight years, and it’s an absolute gem–one of the true treasures of Kulangsu nightlife. The shaded hipster garden is a work of outsider art. Hanging lanterns, spinning pinwheels, bric-a-brac, and eclectic music give the place a French-Quarter-of-Kulangsu feel. The bar is the brainchild […]