Conservation + protection

Conservation + protection

Kulangsu is under the protection of many Chinese or international conventions, laws and regulations on heritage conservation. A scientific and effective management scheme has been set up to guide the dedicated authorities to take appropriate protection measures, including preparation and implementation of special plan on protection and management of heritage area, and standardization of decision-making mechanism of protection and project review and management process. Coordinate the heritage protection and community development. Encourage local community to actively participate in the conservation process.

1. Overall Conservation
Kulangsu is a heritage site comprising of complex heritage elements. Laws and regulations concerning protection of world heritage and scenic areas in China provide the guidelines for protection of the historic roads, spatial layout, streets and communities on the Island and overall conservation. State Administration of cultural heritage of people’s republic of china,Construction and Planning Department and other management authorities are responsible for the conservation.

2. Conservation of historical buildings, yards and structures
There are two levels of protection of Kulangsu’s historic buildings. Those included into the system of cultural heritage site protection are mainly protected through China’s cultural heritage protection and management system; those included into the system of historical building protection are protected through the system of historical building protection established by the Xiamen Special Economic Zone.

3. Conservation of natural landscapes and cultural relics
There are rich natural landscapes and cultural relics on Kulangsu. The former is under the management of Kulangsu Management Committee under the guidance of construction and planning department at higher level while the latter is under guidance of culture heritage administration department at higher level.

4. Focus on community requirements and encourage community engagement in heritage conservation
Local community is the cradle for heritage attributes on Kulangsu, also the fundamental for preservation of the heritage values. When drafting the protection strategy for cultural relics,Xiamen city and Kulangsu Heritage Administrative Committee always follow the principles to unite the community rights and requirements for social development via good communication with the local community and stakeholders. The Regulations of Xiamen Special Economic Zone for the Protection of Kulangsu Cultural Heritage is another legislation to protect the rights of local communities who are encouraged to be involved in conservation of heritage site.
There are many voluntarily groups dedicated to conservation of the cultural relics on Kulangsu. “Kulang Dialect” is one example. This society initiated by local residents work with local administrative authorities and communities to solicit public opinion, collect data, conduct academic research and monitors the progress. All these activities have won full support from the public.