Kulangsu: Davily Visitors Will Be Limited To Fifty Thousand People During National Holiday(鼓浪屿:十一黄金周日接待量最多不超5万人)

The golden week during national holiday is coming, and the Xinhua reporter has interviewed Kulangsu government official and realized that the amount of daily visitors (including local citizen) to the island will be limited to 50,000 only. Xiamen Kulangsu Scenic Area Administrative Committee and Ferry Company notice all tourists coming to Xiamen that in order to visit Kulangsu Island people s...

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Violists|at|Kulangsu (中提琴家|在|鼓浪屿)

International Viola Master Class + Concert

Art Director: Jing Yang  Sponsor Robin’s World Entertainment Co. Ltd. (Xiamen)  Director Xiamen Kulangsu —— Scenic Area Administrative Committee Associate Sponsor School of Art at Xiamen University Xi...

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Kulangsu’s famous violist Jing Yang to play and talk in English, live on international CGTN TV, for BRICS, Monday, Sept 4, 8-9:30pm

Live from the CCTV studios in Beijing, renowned concert soloist Jing Yang, the "Daughter of Kulangsu," will appear as a special guest on CGTN (CCTV News/CCTV 16) to celebrate the BRICS summit in her native Xiamen. Jing will talk with the host for 40 minutes about her life as a classical musicia...

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