A world-class tourist destination

As a well-known tourism destination for visitors in and outside China, Kulangsu enjoys many titles as a great resort. In 2007, Kulangsu was recognized by The National Committee for Quality Evaluation of Tourist Attractions as “AAAAA National Tourist Attraction”.

More and more tourists are coming to Kulangsu in recent years due to convenient transportation means around. Kulangsu management authority has made the Plan on Calculation of Kulangsu Tourism Capacity and Tourists Control to control future development of tourism on Kulangsu. Many measures have been taken to control number of arrivals for conservation of heritage. New services have also been created to better serve the tourists, such as: improve the tourists management scheme, make changes on tickets, develop the booking mechanism, strengthen efforts on construction of infrastructure for tourism, so as to give tourists good experience for visiting the heritage site.

As indicated from the data of the first half of 2015, good effects have been achieved through the macro-control measures. Declining number of tourists helps ease the tourism pressure on heritage site.