Kulangsu Supermarket (Xian Shang Chao Shi 夏商超市)

Kulangsu Supermarket (Xian Shang Chao Shi 夏商超市)

Kulangsu’s main supermarket is not huge, but it’s a great store and an essential point of reference on the island. The market is clean, well-run, and well-stocked, with fast and efficient service at the check-out lines. A good variety of fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables is always available, along with a modest selection of mostly frozen meats and seafood.

There’s an excellent and well-priced selection of beers and wines, and a few Western ingredients can even be found amongst the wide variety of dry goods, packaged foods, and beverages. It’s also Kulangsu’s cheapest and easiest place to buy basic household goods, kitchenware, cleaning supplies, and bathroom products.

All prices are very reasonable, especially considering the central Kulangsu Town location. Thankfully, the supermarket stays open until at least 10:30pm every night—a gift to hungry night owls.

Address: 161 Longtou Road, Gulangyu Island, Siming District, Xiamen City, China