Getting to Kulangsu by ferry from Xiamen

Getting to Kulangsu by ferry from Xiamen

Visitors can reach Kulangsu Island (Gulangyu) by ferry from mainland Xiamen every day, 24 hours per day, by one of four different regularly scheduled ferry services. The trip takes between 7 minutes and 20 minutes, depending on the service.

During daytime hours (generally 7:10am—6:30am), tourist ferries leave for two different spots on Kulangsu Island from Xiamen’s Dong Du Terminal (Xia Men You Lun Zhong Xin, Xia Gu Ma Tou, Dong Du 厦门邮轮中心, 厦鼓码头, 东渡), located on the west side of the island near the Marco Polo and Pan Pacific Hotels. These are the most crowded ferries, and waiting in long queues may be necessary. Sell-outs are possible at peak hours.  More information on daytime ferries is available here.

During evening and late-night hours (generally 5:50pm—6:30am), tourist ferries leave from Xiamen’s Lun Du Terminal 2 (Xia Men Lun Du Ma Tou 厦门轮渡码头2号厅), located in central Xiamen near Zhong Shan Road and the Lujiang Harborview Hotel. These are generally less crowded and do not require waiting in long queues.  More information on evening and late-night ferries is available here.


在白天轮渡开始工作时(7:10am – 6:30am),乘载旅客的渡船从厦鼓码头驶向鼓浪屿的两个不同地点。从东渡厦鼓码头出发,通常都比较拥挤,时常会需要排很长的队才能搭上船。在高峰期有时船票甚至会卖光。

在晚上和凌晨时间段(5:50pm – 6:30am),游客可以从厦门轮渡码头2号厅出航,厦门轮渡码头2号厅位于中山路和厦门鹭江宾馆附近。在这里乘坐渡船时就没有那么拥挤,也不需要花太长的时间排队了。