Heritage Is A Living Memory

Heritage Is A Living Memory


On the morning of April 2nd, the party members and cadres of the Gulangyu Administrative Committee visited the solemn heroic garden to remember and honor the heroes who put their lives down for the freedom of Kulangsu.

Zheng Yilin, Director of Kulangsu Management Committee, presents flowers for the fighters

The fighters liberated Kulangsu with their own flesh and blood, and today residents of Kulangsu are fighting to preserve its natural beauty.

Preserve Kulangsu’s Natural Beauty and Keep the Island Clean

After the commemoration, the director of the management committee Zheng Yilin, the deputy director Liang Yixin, and the secretary of the discipline committee, Zhang Changjian organized a cleaning action. The party members put on the red vests of Kulangsu volunteers, picked up the clips, put on gloves, and started cleaning up the garbage around the hero park.

They made sure that every single corner of this park was garbage-free.

Volunteers were carefully cleaning up all around the park until there were no cigarette butts or water bottles left.

What inspired this cleaning action which attracted so many responsible, conscious people of Kulangsu? Earlier this year, in March, Kulangsu Management Committee issued a proposal.

Clean Home Activity Proposal

Xiamen has achieved great success when it comes to constant development and growth of many areas! The process of growth will never stop, as long as we all work hard towards our dreams. In order to promote the importance of fitness and active lifestyle, as well as improvement in the quality of life that results from it, we propose implementing these healthy habits:

First, I am going to exercise. Health is the most valuable asset in life. We strongly encourage you to use your free time wisely: take a walk, spend time in nature, participate in various fitness activities, and develop an overall healthy lifestyle.

Second, I will keep my surroundings clean. Volunteer service is something every single person can participate in. While enjoying your time outside, please pick up the cigarette butts, peels, and paper scraps on the side of the road. Take your part in maintaining a beautiful, clean environment we can all enjoy.

Third, lead by example. The code of social behavior applies to everyone. Therefore, we should all respect the public order, maintain the public environment, take the initiative to help others, and raise our voice against any kind of uncivilized behavior. The party members and cadres of the Kulangsu Administrative Committee system must lead by example, encouraging young people to promote a healthy value system.

Let’s enjoy the spring, nature, and beautiful scenery of our city together. Joining our forces allows us to work together towards building a harmonious, warm, modern Xiamen for everyone.

Clean Our Home Together!

In accordance with the proposals of the Xiamen Municipal Committee, the Kulangsu Management Committee began to carry out the clean home activities in March.

★ Fitness & Creative Activities

Outdoor activities are a fun, exciting and motivating experience, encouraging everyone to invest their free time wisely. Walking in nature, exercising, cleaning up the roadside garbage, and participating in clean home activities are different ways you can make a change not only in your personal life but in your environment, as well.

★ Unified Organization + Personal Participation

Members of different committees from various branches should all be encouraged to participate in different activities (approximately 8 members per group). Activities could take place during the weekends, and when it comes to organization, groups should take turns. Aside from organized groups, individuals should also be encouraged to report about activities or join the volunteer service organization.

★ Wide Coverage: Divided Areas + Surroundings

Cleaning activities should take place all over Kulangsu, therefore back street alleys, square piers, and beaches should not be neglected in the process. Focus on the surrounding environment first, and then move onto the pending areas.

In fact, the cleaning action on Kulangsu Island never stops.

After successfully acquiring the protection concept of the world cultural heritage, the Kulangsu Management Committee continued to expand the scope of protection of cultural heritage, applying it to every single area of the island.

The entire island should develop and employ a garbage sorting strategy.

  Strictly control the construction, expansion, and reconstruction of buildings on the island.

  Develop an environmental protection system in order to manage oil and smoke pollution adequately.

  Implement a silent tour guide.

Volunteers worked on every inch of Kulangsu’s landscape with nothing but enthusiasm and dedication. Last year, the most dedicated members of this group successfully completed various volunteer service activities, including route guidance, safety guidance, and garbage disposal, which represent a great contribution to the overall preservation of world cultural heritage on the island.

★  394 volunteering activities were launched.

★ 4718 people participated in volunteer service.

★  23173 hours is the total volunteer service time.

This year, the Kulangsu Management Committee focused on the growth and development of cities, as well as unique scenic tourist areas, combining the preservation and promotion of this beautiful island through different models:

★  Cultural heritage protection and use model;

★  Community social governance model;

★  Cultural tourism integration model;

★  Model of team building management.

We all love Kulangsu, so let’s work together to protect it and preserve its valuable heritage through organized activities.