Big Dreams Put Into Four Models: Kulangsu’s Bright Future

Big Dreams Put Into Four Models: Kulangsu’s Bright Future

This spring the protectors of Kulangsu’s natural beauty set brand new goals. They developed four unique models in order to adequately organize and direct actions.

So, do you know what these four models are?

★ Cultural heritage protection and use model

★  Community social governance model

★  Cultural tourism integration model

★  Model of team building management.

We all know that setting goals is just the tip of the iceberg. Determined people of Kulangsu are already acting on these decisions and taking matters into their own hands.

Goal 1: Cultural Heritage Protection and Utilization Model

The scope of protection extends to the entire island, and the building repairs insist on minimal intervention in order to preserve the original style.
After successfully implementing the protection concept of the world cultural heritage, the Kulangsu Management Committee continuously expands the protection scope, making sure that every inch of the landscape containing cultural heritage is under maximal protection, including the rest of the island.

One year after the successful implementation of the protection concept, Kulangsu is investing an incredible amount of effort when it comes to preservation of its valuable cultural heritage, and these are the main goals:

 Protect 53 cultural heritage core elements &  391 buildings;

  Develop a system containing specific boards for supervision, protection, utilization, research, and other important tasks in the heritage site;

 Actively monitor the cultural heritage protection system;

 Submit the revised draft of Kulangsu Cultural Heritage Protection Regulations;

 Complete the revision of the Kulangsu Cultural Heritage Protection Management Plan;

  Access the issue of the island waste sorting;

▶  Strictly control the construction, expansion, and reconstruction of buildings on the island;

  Carry out rectification of the environmental protection project regarding the issue of oil and smoke pollution;

▶  Implement a silent tour to emphasize the “quiet” of the soothing island environment.

Last year, the Kulangsu Management Committee issued an announcement putting up 13 unclaimed houses on the island for sale. Kulangsu Management Committee and the applicants negotiated the follow-up repairs, which have been extremely time-consuming and complex. One of the 13 houses represents a great issue for the management since the repairing process has been taking longer than expected, and there are also certain complications when it comes to property rights. The Kulangsu Administrative Committee is also joining the discussion in order to find an optimal solution and protect these houses.

The staff of the Kulangsu Wenbao Department working hard on repairing historical buildings that have been damaged by vegetation.

Kulangsu Management Committee is facing difficulties that have long plagued the protection of heritage sites bravely. Constantly working on the burning issues, the management committee issued the Kulangsu Cultural Relics and Historical Buildings Fire Risk Assessment. In addition, they conducted a fire risk assessment and fire prevention planning for 391 historical buildings on the island.

Goal 2: Model of Community Social Governance

If you ask the children of Kulangsu to define the island, they’ll probably think of a quiet street, a piano sound that drifts in the wind, or a neighborhood that is like family. Residents of Kulangsu are the creators of its history and culture – and they are also the inheritors. Only by nurturing its community, its heart and soul, can this island truly flourish.

 Xiamen Erzhong and Xiamen Foreign Language School jointly re-introduced the English class and enrolled 90 primary school students in Xiamen.

 Kulangsu Home Economics Service Platform was established. The government implemented subsidies in order for price control to be established, and also provided quality housekeeping services such as cleaning, maintenance, and babysitting.

The island residents enjoy free transportation, among many other privileges.

Building a Co-Governance Platform

People’s feelings and public opinion will always matter.

The implementation of Huimin measures calls for close interaction between the residents and government departments. Since the establishment of the Gulangyu Public Council in May of 2016, it has held 8 meetings and discussed 34 important issues.

Kulangsu Management Committee seeks opinions from residents on road improvement and reconstruction.

In addition to the public council, Kulangsu also has autonomous organizations such as merchant associations and family hotel associations, which attract different social groups to participate in public affairs management. These associations also have an active role in the bilateral communication between government management and the public, and also promote the multilayered community governance in Kulangsu. Kulangsu Management Committee has also established cooperative relations with universities and other renowned educational institutions such as Tsinghua University, Xiamen University, and Huaqiao University, including them in the discussion regarding the protection and utilization of cultural heritage. The intellectual sphere of Kulangsu is where all the ideas regarding the current state and the future of the island are born.

Goal 3: Cultural Tourism Integration Model

Cultural and artistic activities are blooming in Kulangsu – a breath of fresh air.
Every single week, a wide range of cultural and artistic activities and events take place in Kulangsu. The unique Koji culture lives on and represents a vital part of Kulangsu’s culture.

Artistic Atmosphere in Kulangsu

  This year’s Kulangsu Spring Festival is broadcasted on CCTV.

Kulangsu often hosts original poetry readings, concerts, and dances promoting local music.

 In January of this year, the China Record Museum and the Xiamen Music School signed a cooperation agreement. In the future, student volunteers will have the opportunity to work as lecturers in the museum.

Annual “International Fan” football and rugby matches.

The Kulangsu Administrative Committee, along with the Municipal Finance Bureau and the Bureau of Land and Housing issued important measures regarding predominant concerns, such as non-residential public housing, cultural development, and promotion of sports. Kulangsu invests in cultural activities and supports culture in general, as cultural heritage has been recognized as one of the strongest assets. Through cultural activities, residents, as well as various organizations, are encouraged to actively participate in the protection and promotion of cultural heritage.

Numerous artistic events are organized every single week in Kulangsu.

When it comes to Kulangsu museum, it is their objective to promote the entire island, equally including the history and uniqueness of every single part. Kulangsu Management Committee also encourages residents to take part in the exhibitions and contribute to the museum by donating their own folk collections. In addition, the museum incorporated historical buildings into their open exhibitions. Kulangsu is working hard on transforming the current status of the island when it comes to global and cultural tourism, organizing complex tourism projects and focusing on creating a team of skilled individuals that will further improve the quality of tourism and presentation of Kulangsu. The main objective of this mission is identifying and accessing persistent problems in the tourism of Kulangsu.

Goal 4: Model of Team Building Management

Committee of the Kulangsu Scenic Area opened the Qindao Red Station – a cultural heritage monitoring center. On February 21st this year, Kulangsu Management Committee organized a collective meeting, in which members of each branch were able to report about their own activities and share experiences with others.

Volunteer service has grown on the residents on Kulangsu, and they are eager to continue in the same fashion. Focusing on preserving the island’s cultural richness and promoting numerous touristic areas, Kulangsu Scenic Area gathered more than 50 volunteer groups that participated in a series of activities.

On March 5th, the annual Xuefeng Volunteer Service Event took place – only this year it was bigger and more significant than ever. Volunteers from different parts of the island joined various culture-preserving activities, provided free meals, organized performances, and showed just how much they appreciate Kulangsu – their beautiful home.

Source: Gulangyu Management Committee / Editor: Tang Xiyan