Kulangsu, Now And Then: A Short Film


What makes Kulangsu great is its diversity, openheartedness, and eagerness to embrace the different, while also nurturing and promoting its roots. Welcoming new, modern influences may not always be an easy task, as people may fear that the process of growing and expanding their horizons might interfere with their history. Over the years, the people of Kulangsu have created a perfect balance between nurturing their tradition and incorporating new waves into their identity, and it is safe to say that their effort has paid off. Kulangsu has always been known for welcoming everyone with open hands, and they intend on continuing that reputation — which is exactly why its touristic potential has proliferated.

Throughout history, Kulangsu has faced many ups and downs, and the impacts of globalization haven’t always been positive. However, instead of fighting the foreign influence and closing their minds and hearts, Kulangsu became a multicultural island, embracing the diversity — which is now one of its staples. Implementing foreign styles and movements into their own art, the people of Kulangsu managed to create an unreplicable fusion of cultures unique to Kulangsu, which can be felt in many aspects — especially music. Kulangsu is also known as the island of music, due to its rich history of classical music and many talented musicians, which is a tradition that lives on.