Former South Fukien Christian Bookstore (Min Nan Sheng Shu Gong Hui Sheng Jiao Shu Ju 闽南圣书工会圣教书局)

The Former Southern Fukien (Fujian) Christian Bookstore was founded in 1908 on Dadai Road on Kulangsu by Chinese and foreign believers of the Christian Missionary Society Bible Society.

The bookstore mainly sold Bibles published by the Protestant Episcopal Church in Shanghai, and also published books such as the Hymns of South Fukien in South Fujian dialect and the Alphabetic Dictionary of South Fujian Dialect. Some church members donated the land and funds to build a three-story house on Fujian Road as the new location of the Bookstore in 1932.

There are over 100 titles of books in South Fujian dialect, and all of the books published by the bookstore were sold not only on Kulangsu and in Xiamen but also throughout South Fujian and Southeast Asia.

The old bookstore is still open with its religious murals on the walls, now operating as a simple café and lunch stop serving typical local food.

Address:43 Fujian Road, Gulangyu Island, Siming District, Xiamen City, China