Violists|at|Kulangsu (中提琴家|在|鼓浪屿)

International Viola Master Class + Concert

Art Director: Jing Yang  Sponsor Robin’s World Entertainment Co. Ltd. (Xiamen)  Director Xiamen Kulangsu —— Scenic Area Administrative Committee Associate Sponsor School of Art at Xiamen University Xi...

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Xiamen Music Competition on Kulangsu, Gang Hai Hou Beach (厦门鼓浪屿沙滩音乐节)

On July 22nd, 2017, the Music Xiamen was hosting its first music competition on Kulangsu, Gang Hai Hou beach. The concert featured bands, dancers and live performers from all over China in a competition. 2017年7月22日,音...

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Kulangsu Music Festival Ends With Organ Museum Concert Featuring Harp, Snare Drum, and Australian Organ Expert (鼓浪屿音乐会在风琴博物馆谢幕)

The 2017 Kulangsu Music Festival ended a successful week with a completely unique closing concert in the Organ Museum, featuring Chwen-Huei Tsai, Chair of the Taiwan Organ Society; Jer-Huei Chen, Percussion Principal of the Taiwan Philharmonic; organist Hsiang-Yu Chen; and concert harpist and recording artist Hsin-Yi Chen.

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