2017 Kulangsu Music Festival — July 17th, 2017

July 17th Monday 7月17日 星期一 (16:00 & 19:30)

Time: 16:00  Venue: Concert Hall of Xiamen Music School, Kulangsu

Lecture: Invigorate the Literature and History of Kulangsu and Make Idea Come True Keynote Speaker:Prof. Susan Shu-cheng Lin, Director of the Performing Arts Center of Taiwan Normal University and Recipient of Outstanding Contribution Award for Art Education of Taiwan “Ministry of Education”

时间:16:00  地点:厦门市音乐学校鼓浪屿校区音乐厅

专题讲座:舞动鼓浪屿的文史-让想法歌咏成真 讲座人:台湾师范大学教授兼表演艺术中心主任、台湾杰出艺术贡献奖得主

Time: 19:30  Venue: Kulangsu Organ Museum

Splendorous Kulangsu Pipe Organ Music, the Closing Ceremony Concert for Kulangsu Music Festival 2017

时间:19:30  地点:鼓浪屿风琴博物馆



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