Long Time No See Bar (Hao Jiu Bu Jian 好久不见)

The Long Time No See Bar (Hao Jiu Bu Jian 好久不见), Kulangsu’s biggest, loudest, and liveliest music bar hops with activity almost every night of the week, and really hums on weekends. The resident band is the best on the island for pop music, mixed with a variety of comedy that’s visually funny enough to […]

The One Place In The Life Bar (Yi Xi 一席)

This recently opened bar and restaurant took over a large swath of the island’s Xiamen-facing outdoor-bar territory between the Lun Du ferry port and the San Qiu Tian tourist ferry terminal, along the Xiamen-facing boardwalk. If you turn left as you’re stepping out of the San Qiu Tian tourist ferry terminal, it’ll be the biggest bar garden in […]

Weibo Bar, Kulangsu (Gulangyu)

American hip hop and R&B greet you as you walk into this dark, eclectically decorated haunt whose name (Weibo Jiu Ba 围脖酒吧) means “scarf bar.” There’s an amusing collection of wall decorations and a periodic one-man live music show, but the real highlight of the interior is the movie screen, which plays comedies with their soundtracks […]

Chu Family Garden (Chu Jia Yuan 褚家园)

This well-known romantic garden café is one more piece of proof that Kulangsu is paradise. Leaves blow in the sunny breeze, flowers bloom, and birds serenade you with a symphony while you sit at wooden tables under umbrellas in the shade of an old brick mansion. It’s an alluring respite for weary feet and jack of […]

Canaan D Cocktail Bar (迦南D)

In New York, it was Milk & Honey. In Houston, it was Anvil. On Kulangsu, the next-generation cocktail culture has been shaped by a genuine, hard-working man named Gino, an island native who (in addition to being a star attacker for a semi-pro soccer team) has raised the mixology bar forever. Drinks are serious, but […]