Weibo Bar, Kulangsu (Gulangyu)

Weibo Bar, Kulangsu (Gulangyu)

American hip hop and R&B greet you as you walk into this dark, eclectically decorated haunt whose name (Weibo Jiu Ba 围脖酒吧) means “scarf bar.” There’s an amusing collection of wall decorations and a periodic one-man live music show, but the real highlight of the interior is the movie screen, which plays comedies with their soundtracks pumped through the excellent sound system by day and serves as a visual accompaniment to the live and canned tunes by night.

There’s a particularly nice wine selection (by Kulangsu standards). Amongst the bar snacks, don’t miss the cucumbers with a wasabi-soy dipping sauce (芥末青瓜, jie mo qing gua), which will clear out your sinuses in short order, thus enabling you to stay until the bar’s 2am closing time before resting up for the next morning’s 9:30am opening time.

Address:82 Longtou Road, Gulangyu Island, Siming District, Xiamen City, China

走近围脖酒吧,迎接您的将是美式嘻哈和R&B。墙上挂着的许多有趣的收藏品,里面进行着定期的音乐现场表演。不过我觉得最吸引我的是它的电影屏幕设备,不管是白天用来播放着喜剧,还是晚上作为直播的视觉伴奏,它的效果都非常棒。(PS. 推荐小吃“芥末青瓜”,酒吧工作时间:9:30am – 2:00am)