Violists|at|Kulangsu (中提琴家|在|鼓浪屿)

International Viola Master Class + Concert Art Director: Jing Yang  Sponsor Robin’s World Entertainment Co. Ltd. (Xiamen)  Director Xiamen Kulangsu —— Scenic Area Administrative Committee Associate Sponsor School of Art at Xiamen University Xiamen Music School Special Thanks Xiao Xue Tang Chong Dong Book Store Yang Tao Garden   2017.9.20-2017.9.25 China|Kulangsu   Instructors Thomas Riebl […]

Xiamen Music School, Kulangsu campus (Xiamen Shi Yin Yue Xue Xiao 厦门市音乐学校)

“The Melody of Kulangsu Travels Far”: A Brief Introduction to Xiamen Music School Founded by Xiamen Municipal Government on Kulangsu Island in 1990, Xiamen Music School provides characteristic nine-year compulsive education and secondary education specialized in music. In 2009, Xiamen Music School adopted a second name Xiamen University Affiliated Music School. In 2013, Xiamen Music […]

Street Ukeleles (You ke li li jietou yiren 尤克里里街头艺人)

These two licensed street artists provide some of the street-music atmosphere for which Kulangsu Island was once famous. Two colorful men hang out near the Marine Garden Hotel, on opposite sides of the dramatic typhoon-struck tree, playing and selling cheap ukeleles. Music includes a variety of Chinese folk songs, plus frequent renditions of “Gulangyu Zhi […]

Listening to Kulangsu (Ting Gulangyu 听鼓浪屿)

My first introduction to Kulangsu was “Gulangyu Zhi Bo,” played by Jing. I had heard it at least fifty times before I ever saw Kulangsu, and before I even knew this was originally a song with words. It was my favorite song on Jing’s CD, which I played obsessively in my car when she was […]