Street Ukele­les (You ke li li ji­etou yiren 尤克里里街头艺人)

These two li­censed street artists pro­vide some of the street-mu­sic at­mos­phere for which Ku­lang­su Is­land was once fa­mous. Two col­or­ful men hang out near the Ma­rine Gar­den Ho­tel, on op­po­site sides of the dra­mat­ic ty­phoon-struck tree, play­ing and sell­ing cheap ukeleles.

Mu­sic in­cludes a va­ri­ety of Chi­nese folk songs, plus fre­quent ren­di­tions of “Gu­langyu Zhi Bo,” the pop song that has be­come an in­for­mal an­them for Ku­lang­su. One of the two ukelele men stands to the right of the Ma­rine Gar­den Ho­tel, and the oth­er stands on the street cor­ner across from Moon Shrimp Pie.

Ad­dress:  Near 27 Tian­wei Road, x Gu­langyu Is­land, Sim­ing Dis­trict, Xi­a­men City, China