Catholic Church (Tian Zhu Tang 天主堂)

Catholicism came to Kulangsu in 1850. In 1912, the Spanish Catholic priest Manuel Prat became the bishop of the Xiamen Parish and the church was moved into the Spanish consulate. A new Catholic Church was built to the west of the consulate in 1917. This church governed religious affairs of 80 catholic churches in Fujian and Taiwan.

Address: 34 Lujiao Road, Gulangyu Island, Siming District, Xiamen City, China

1850年,天主教进入鼓浪屿。在1912年,西班牙天主教神父马守仁(Manuel Prat)任厦门主教,将教堂搬到西班牙领事馆。1917年领事馆西侧建立的新的主教堂,并管理福建和台湾地区的80个天主教堂。


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