Yin Cheng Zong 殷承宗

In 1941, Yin Cheng Zong was born on Kulangsu (Gulangyu) Island. In spring 1950, Yin Cheng Zong hosted his first “9-year-old piano solo concert” at the [A.R.C.M. Girls’ Middle School]. Yin Cheng Zong showed his gift for music at a very young age. In 1962, he won the second place in the prestigious Second Tchaikovsky International Piano […]

Lin Qiao Zhi 林巧稚

One of the pioneering gynecologists in China and in the world, Kulangsu native Lin Qiao Zhi delivered more than fifty thousand babies in her life. In 1901, Lin Qiao Zhi was born in a teacher family. She went to her elementary school at the age of six and went to Hai Bin Teacher’s School at the age of twelve. […]