Gallery Inn, Gu Yi (Hua Lang Lü Guan, Gu Yi Dian 画廊旅馆, 故驿店)

This special, relatively isolated bed-and-breakfast and café has a garden uphill from the new Kulangsu Gallery of Foreign Artifacts from the Palace Museum Collection (Gu Lang Yu Wai Guo Wen Wu Bo Wu Guan 鼓浪屿外国文物博物馆). Because of its elevated location, the space gets terrific sunlight. On a beautiful day, you may be tempted to hang […]

Zhou Shu’An 周淑安

Zhou Shu’An was born in 1894 at 35 Huangyan road on Gulangyu Island. Her father, Zhou Zhi De, was a priest. Zhou Shu’ An was talented for singing, and she had risen in the world  at the age of 14 when she sang the song ‘Xing Tiao Qi Yong Bu Luo’ to welcome an American navy ship. The […]

Yin Cheng Zong 殷承宗

In 1941, Yin Cheng Zong was born on Kulangsu (Gulangyu) Island. In spring 1950, Yin Cheng Zong hosted his first “9-year-old piano solo concert” at the [A.R.C.M. Girls’ Middle School]. Yin Cheng Zong showed his gift for music at a very young age. In 1962, he won the second place in the prestigious Second Tchaikovsky International Piano […]