Cai Yuan Zi Mu­sic Restau­rant (Cai Yuan Zi Yin Yue Can Ting 菜园子音乐餐厅)

They say that back in the day, every house on Ku­lang­su had a pi­ano. This touristy but love­ly gar­den across the street from the tea house is hold­ing up the tra­di­tion with an up­right that sits just in­side the en­trance, but it on­ly gets played by chil­dren. There is a lush, ex­pan­sive gar­den with a koi pond, and this is the most com­pelling thing about Cai Zi Yuan.

The best thing to or­der here is Xi­a­men stan­dards like spicy wok-fired clams (la chao hua ge 辣炒花蛤), which swim in a typ­i­cal lo­cal brown gravy with rice wine, gar­lic warmth, and chili heat; or Chi­nese na­tion­al dish­es like sliced pork with green pep­pers and wood-ear mush­rooms (qing jiao rou si 青椒肉丝).

Cai Yuan Zi Music Restaurant (Cai Yuan Zi Yin Yue Can Ting 菜园子音乐餐厅)

Ad­dress: 27 Zhonghua Road, Gu­langyu Is­land, Sim­ing Dis­trict, Xi­a­men City, China