Cai Yuan Zi Music Restaurant (Cai Yuan Zi Yin Yue Can Ting 菜园子音乐餐厅)

They say that back in the day, every house on Kulangsu had a piano. This touristy but lovely garden across the street from the tea house is holding up the tradition with an upright that sits just inside the entrance, but it only gets played by children. There is a lush, expansive garden with a koi pond, and this is the most compelling thing about Cai Zi Yuan.

The best thing to order here is Xiamen standards like spicy wok-fired clams (la chao hua ge 辣炒花蛤), which swim in a typical local brown gravy with rice wine, garlic warmth, and chili heat; or Chinese national dishes like sliced pork with green peppers and wood-ear mushrooms (qing jiao rou si 青椒肉丝).

Address: 27 Zhonghua Road, Gulangyu Island, Siming District, Xiamen City, China