Hai Tian Tang Gou Mansion (海天堂构)

Hai Tian Tang Gou Mansion was built by Philippine Chinese Huang Xiuliang and Huang Nianyi between 1920 and 1930. The mansion is a complex of five villas in symmetrical styles laid out on both sides of the Middle Villa, which is the complex’ central axis.

Hai Tian Ting Gou Mansion, Kulangsu (Gulangyu)

The mansion is regarded as a perfect marriage of eastern and western styles, one of the true gems of the Minnan fusion style for which Kulangsu is famous. You enter the complex through the front gate, where you pay a modest admission fee to see the property.

Entrance to Hai Tian Ting Gou Mansion, Kulangsu (Gulangyu)

Address:38 Fujian Road, Gulangyu Island, Siming District, Xiamen City, China

建于1920 – 1930年间,由旅菲华侨黄秀娘和黄念忆联合购地建造,为五幢对称式别墅群,以中楼为中轴线向两侧展开。设计博采中西文化职场,堪称中西合璧之经典。这种闽南混合风格的建筑也是鼓浪屿之所以出名的原因之一。


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