Huang Sheng Pork Jerky (Huang Sheng Ji Rou Pu 黄胜记肉铺)

On an is­land of leg­endary jerky, none may be more leg­endary in the eyes of lo­cals than Huang Sheng Ji, which was once just a tiny street stand but af­ter decades of suc­cess has now ex­pand­ed in­to an al­most equal­ly tiny shop next door.

With­in arm’s reach you’ll find nu­mer­ous ver­sions of beef, pork, squid, and fish jerkies and floss­es, rang­ing from mild to spicy to pun­gent, soft to chewy to stringy. Most jerkies are avail­able for free sam­pling and all are well made, from the clas­sic sweet sticks of can­died beef jerky that come in var­i­ous fla­vors and bright, pri­ma­ry-col­ored pack­ages (green is the spici­est, but it’s still not too spicy) to pork floss with the mouth-feel of meat cot­ton can­dy.

Ad­dress: 89 Long­tou Road, Gu­langyu Is­land, Sim­ing Dis­trict, Xi­a­men City, Chi­na