Pi­anist Yin Chengzong’s house (Yin Cheng Zong Zhai 殷承宗宅)

Kulangsu’s most fa­mous pi­anist, Yin Cheng­zong, still owns and pe­ri­od­i­cal­ly vis­its this hill­top house. It is one of the is­land’s most beau­ti­ful pri­vate homes, now in­hab­it­ed by the pi­anist’s broth­er, Yin Cheng­di­an, who is a first-rate mu­si­cian in his own right and the for­mer dean of the Xi­a­men Mu­sic School.

In 1924, Yin’s fa­ther bought the land. His el­dest son, Yin Chengzu, helped to de­sign the house blend­ing with the Min­nan style and the Amer­i­can Re­vival style. In 1942, Yin Cheng­zong was born. The pi­anist went on to win some of the world’s most pres­ti­gious pi­ano awards, and to play in Carnegie Hall and for Chair­man Mao Ze­dong, was born in this house. The fa­mous pi­anist still owns it and vis­its periodically.

Ad­dress: 16 Jis­han Road, Gu­langyu Is­land, Sim­ing Dis­trict, Xi­a­men City, China