Catholic Church (Tian Zhu Tang 天主堂)

Catholicism came to Kulangsu in 1850. In 1912, the Spanish Catholic priest Manuel Prat became the bishop of the Xiamen Parish and the church was moved into the Spanish consulate. A new Catholic Church was built to the west of the consulate in 1917. This church governed religious affairs of 80 catholic churches in Fujian […]

Union Church (Xie He Li Bai Tang协和礼拜堂)

Union Church, Kulangsu’s earliest church, was built in 1863. The church was named as “The International Church”in the beginning and renamed as “Union Church” in 1875. Its construction was funded by believers from three denominations, the American Reformed Church, London Missionary Society, and English Presbyterian Mission. The Union Church was rebuilt again in 1911. Address: Lujiao Road, […]

Trinity Church (San Yi Tang 三一堂)

As more and more Christians moved to Kulangsu in the 1920s, Xiamen Church, New Street Church and Bamboo Church cooperated to make worship more convenient by building a Kulangsu church in 1934. The name “Trinity Church” alludes to its joint construction by the three churches, as well as the doctrine of the Trinity. (The Chinese […]