Xiamen Daily: Xiamen Version of the "World Cup" in Kulangsu Counts Nearly 200 Participants

While Russia's World Cup was still in full swing, the Xiamen version of the competition heated up in Kulangsu. Kulangsu’s 5th Kulangsu Cup 2018 friendly soccer match took place at the Kulangsu People's Stadium, attracting nearly 200 participants from 16 international soccer teams, including France, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Xiamen.

In this friendly match, a seven-a-side soccer system was demonstrated, and it included French Kiss, Shanghai International, Beijing Barbarian, Hong Kong German, Xiamen International, and Old Boys, among other soccer teams. An interesting fact about this sports event is that foreign players who have studied, worked and lived in China for a long time accounted for about 90% of the participants. Their nationalities include German, French, Italian, American, Brazilian, and many other. Players with different skin colors, speaking different languages competed in the same field, making this game an international model.

According to the event organizer, Kulangsu sub-district office, this friendly soccer match, organized after the friendly rugby match and the opening of the “post-appreciation” era, represents a large-scale sports event which not only allows more people to experience the charm of Kulangsu, but also combines sports events and the promotion of Kulangsu’s culture.

Image credit: GLY.cn

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