French Artist and Kulangsu (法国艺术家与鼓浪屿)

Born in Rennes, France, Lao Pi is currently a professor for Institute of Art, La Roche, France, University of Lyon, and ECOLE DU LOUVRE. In France, he is very famous for static painting.Lao Pi has been very obsessed with Chinese culture since he was kid,so he came to China in 2006, and since then he had been merging Chinese elements into his paintings.

In 2016, Lao Pi moved to Kulangsu Island, and here he met his love of first sight, the owner of 1919 hotel, Juan. Juan said, Lao Pi loves Kulangsu so much that every time when he walks along the brick-paved street, he would imagine himself spending the rest of his life painting on Kulangsu after his retirement two years from now.


2016年,老皮来到厦门的鼓浪屿后,邂逅了在岛上经营巢庭1919别墅旅馆的女友娟。娟说,老皮很喜欢鼓浪屿。每次走在红砖砌成的古式建筑街道中,浑身都是艺术气息的他,会想象着两年后自己退休,在鼓浪屿某一栋他喜欢的建筑物中,用手中的画笔,画着他们浪漫而又温情的幸福生活。(导报记者 林少蓉 文/图)