French Artist and Ku­lang­su (法国艺术家与鼓浪屿)

Born in Rennes, France, Lao Pi is cur­rent­ly a pro­fes­sor for In­sti­tute of Art, La Roche, France, Uni­ver­si­ty of Ly­on, and ECOLE DU LOU­VRE. In France, he is very fa­mous for sta­t­ic painting.Lao Pi has been very ob­sessed with Chi­nese cul­ture since he was kid,so he came to Chi­na in 2006, and since then he had been merg­ing Chi­nese el­e­ments in­to his paint­ings.

In 2016, Lao Pi moved to Ku­lang­su Is­land, and here he met his love of first sight, the own­er of 1919 ho­tel, Juan. Juan said, Lao Pi loves Ku­lang­su so much that every time when he walks along the brick-paved street, he would imag­ine him­self spend­ing the rest of his life paint­ing on Ku­lang­su af­ter his re­tire­ment two years from now.


2016年,老皮来到厦门的鼓浪屿后,邂逅了在岛上经营巢庭1919别墅旅馆的女友娟。娟说,老皮很喜欢鼓浪屿。每次走在红砖砌成的古式建筑街道中,浑身都是艺术气息的他,会想象着两年后自己退休,在鼓浪屿某一栋他喜欢的建筑物中,用手中的画笔,画着他们浪漫而又温情的幸福生活。(导报记者 林少蓉 文/图)