Gang Zai Hou Beach (Gang Zai Hou Sha Tan 港仔后沙滩)

Gang Zai Hou Beach (Gang Zai Hou Sha Tan 港仔后沙滩)

This is the biggest and most popular beach on Kulangsu. It was once a popular spot for outdoor concerts. Stand in the middle of Gang Zai Hou’s golden sands, and you’ll be surrounded on all sides by wonders. To your left, lies a thicket of bearded coconut palms, the graceful green-roofed pagodas of the Shu Zhuang Garden[link] and Piano Museum[link], the triumphant red Marine Garden Hotel[link] on the hill above, and beyond that, the steel gray sails of Xiamen’s Shi Mao towers across the strait.

To your right sits a string of pleasant restaurants, cafés, bars, and simple inns. Everywhere there are street vendors selling fresh coconuts and mango juice. Behind you, facing the beach, above a canopy of palm trees, looms one of the most magnificent views of Sunlight Rock. Gang Zai Hou is often crowded, but for good reason: for many visitors it is Kulangsu’s most iconic image, everything the island wrapped up into one unforgettable landscape.

Address: Gangzaihou Road, Gulangyu Island, Siming District, Xiamen City, China