Gang Zai Hou Beach (Gang Zai Hou Sha Tan 港仔后沙滩)

This is the biggest and most pop­u­lar beach on Ku­lang­su. It was once a pop­u­lar spot for out­door con­certs. Stand in the mid­dle of Gang Zai Hou’s gold­en sands, and you’ll be sur­round­ed on all sides by won­ders. To your left, lies a thick­et of beard­ed co­conut palms, the grace­ful green-roofed pago­das of the Shu Zhuang Garden[link] and Pi­ano Museum[link], the tri­umphant red Ma­rine Gar­den Hotel[link] on the hill above, and be­yond that, the steel gray sails of Xiamen’s Shi Mao tow­ers across the strait.

Gang Zai Hou Beach (Gang Zai Hou Sha Tan 港仔后沙滩)To your right sits a string of pleas­ant restau­rants, cafés, bars, and sim­ple inns. Every­where there are street ven­dors sell­ing fresh co­conuts and man­go juice. Be­hind you, fac­ing the beach, above a canopy of palm trees, looms one of the most mag­nif­i­cent views of Sun­light Rock. Gang Zai Hou is of­ten crowd­ed, but for good rea­son: for many vis­i­tors it is Kulangsu’s most icon­ic im­age, every­thing the is­land wrapped up in­to one un­for­get­table landscape.

Ad­dress: Gangza­i­hou Road, Gu­langyu Is­land, Sim­ing Dis­trict, Xi­a­men City, China