Wedding beach (Guan Hai Yuan Hai Tan 观海园海滩)

Wedding beach (Guan Hai Yuan Hai Tan 观海园海滩)

When you’re on the most romantic island in China, some spots can be overwhelmed with romance. This small, pretty beach at the end of Tianwei Road is a classic perch on the Kulangsu coast, in part because of the incredible number of couples posing for wedding pictures on the beach every day. On an average afternoon, you’re likely to see 5-10 photo shoots.

This takes away from your chances of sunbathing in peace, but on the other hand, who can complain about so much romance? For a more secluded experience, take the footpath past the old Guan Hai Yuan harbor (to the left of the beach if you’re facing the ocean) for a tour of some of Kulangsu’s grand faded villas and some even more romantic views of the isolated rocky shoreline.

Address: Guanhai Road, Gulangyu Island, Siming District, Xiamen City, China