Gu­langyu Pi­ano Mu­se­um (Gu­langyu Gang Qin Bo Wu Guan 鼓浪屿钢琴博物馆)

One of the top tourist at­trac­tions of Ku­lang­su Is­land is the world’s largest and most im­pres­sive col­lec­tion of pi­anos, all of which re­side in a sprawl­ing se­ries of red-roofed hous­es that pay her­itage to the island’s Eu­ro­pean-Chi­nese fu­sion clas­si­cal mu­sic tra­di­tion. When you think about the dif­fi­cul­ty of trans­port­ing so many grand pi­anos from all over the world to Xi­a­men, and com­pound it with the dif­fi­cul­ty of then get­ting them all on­to Ku­lang­su Is­land by fer­ry, it all seems vir­tu­al­ly im­plau­si­ble. But it’s true.

There are two sep­a­rate build­ings full of mag­nif­i­cent pi­anos, some in shapes and sizes you’ve prob­a­bly nev­er seen be­fore, from minia­ture children’s mod­els to ul­tra-long grand pi­anos with in­tri­cate, col­or­ful in­laid-wood art­work and built-in can­de­labras. On most days, a pi­anist in one of the rooms pe­ri­od­i­cal­ly plays “Gu­langyu Zhi Bo” (鼓浪屿之波), the island’s un­of­fi­cial theme song, on one his­toric pi­ano, adding to the atmosphere.

Gulangyu Piano Museum (Gulangyu Gang Qin Bo Wu Guan 鼓浪屿钢琴博物馆)
Gu­langyu Pi­ano Mu­se­um, Ku­lang­su (Gu­langyu) Island

The Pi­ano Mu­se­um sits above the beau­ti­ful Shu Zhuang Gar­den (Shu Zhuang Hua Yuan 菽庄花园); one mu­se­um tick­et ad­mits you to both sites. Don’t miss the ex­tra pi­anos on dis­play through the se­ries of large plate-glass win­dows by the steps as you de­scend from the mu­se­um to the gar­den. Once you’ve de­scend­ed, you’ll tra­verse Shu Zhuang Garden’s lily ponds and boul­der sculp­tures and tra­verse a se­ries of walk­ways with pho­to­genic views over waves crash­ing on rocks, a palm-lined beach be­low, and rolling hills above. What­ev­er else you do on the is­land, and how­ev­er much time you have, don’t miss any of this canon­i­cal Ku­lang­su experience.

Ad­dress: 7 Gangza­i­hou Road, Gu­langyu Is­land, Sim­ing Dis­trict, Xi­a­men City, China



Ku­lang­su (Gu­langyu) Pi­ano Museum

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