Sunlight Rock (Ri Guang Yan 日光岩)

Kulangsu (Gulangyu)‘s top tourist attraction and highlight, lording over the beautiful island. From atop Sunlight Rock, you can see the entire coastline and hilly landscape of the island as well as sweeping views of downtown Xiamen – and, on a clear day, even Taiwan’s Jinmen Island. An inexpensive ticket gets you into the park, where you can also see Sunlight Rock Temple.

Climbing up to the summit will take between 20 and 40 minutes, depending on your speed and the tourist traffic, but it’s not to be missed, even on a day trip to Kulangsu (Gulangyu) from Xiamen. Best is to go just before sunset, when the crowds thin, the daytime heat dissipates, and the lights start to twinkle across the bay. The view from Sunlight Rock gives the best perspective on why so many people call Kulangsu (Gulangyu) China’s own Mediterranean Island.

Address: 56 – 64 Huangyan Road, Gulangyu Island, Siming District, Xiamen City, China

作为鼓浪屿著名的景点之一,日光岩有着它独特的风景。从日光岩顶上俯视小岛,你能看到整个海平线、鼓浪屿岛上的景色、厦门沿海区域、甚至能够看到金门岛。爬上日光岩顶端,取决于你的速度和游客量,可能会花20 – 40分钟。在太阳快落山前去的话最好,人流量少又不会太热,而且夕阳撒满海湾的景色十分美丽。

地址:厦门市思明区鼓浪屿晃岩路56 – 64

Sunlight Rock

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