Kulangsu Sun Rise Girls Running Event (鼓浪屿日出女子跑活动)

On Oct. 29th, 2017, ‘Sun Rise Girls Running’was hosted on Kulangsu Island. There were 500 girls participating in this event. Waiting for the contestants at the terminal was a concerts performed by Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra. The night before the event, a concert to celebrate the running was held at Xiamen Indigo Hotel and there were some famous musicians such as Jing Yang, Yingying Huang, and Miaozi in the concert.

10月29日, 2017‘日出女子跑’鼓浪屿站鸣枪开跑,500名女子迎着清晨第一抹阳光奔跑,此次2017‘日出女子跑’鼓浪屿在起终点及赛道上都安排了来自爱乐乐团的演奏家们的演奏。值得一提的是活动前夜,日出女子跑·兴业银行Lady‘s Night 古典与爵士音乐会在厦门海港英迪格酒店举行,100名特邀嘉宾相聚相守,当晚音乐会以观鼓浪屿日落的美好时刻开启,爵士歌唱家黄滢滢和苗子老师现场演唱和演奏爵士钢琴,更有“鼓浪屿的女儿”杨璟学生用琴声和歌声,述说对鼓浪屿的情怀。

(Source: http://sports.sina.com.cn/run/2017-10-30/doc-ifynfvar5075718.shtml)

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