The Sound Of Ku­lang­su (鼓浪屿再发声)

One of the four most pop­u­lar or­gans in North Amer­i­ca, Casa­vant, was cre­at­ed in Boston, USA, 100 years ago. Be­cause of the move­ments in the his­to­ry, the or­gan was dam­aged and could not be played. Ten years ago, un­der the arrange­ment of Hu You Yi, this or­gan was shipped from USA to Xi­a­men, Chi­na. Now, Casa­vant has been re­paired and is able to spread the sound of melody.

在鼓浪屿风琴博物馆内修缮的管风琴卡萨翁(10月23日摄)。 100年前,它诞生在美国波士顿,轰动一时,成为北美四大名琴之一。然而,历史的变迁中,它一度伤痕累累,无法再发声。