The Sound Of Kulangsu (鼓浪屿再发声)

One of the four most popular organs in North America, Casavant, was created in Boston, USA, 100 years ago. Because of the movements in the history, the organ was damaged and could not be played. Ten years ago, under the arrangement of Hu You Yi, this organ was shipped from USA to Xiamen, China. Now, Casavant has been repaired and is able to spread the sound of melody.

在鼓浪屿风琴博物馆内修缮的管风琴卡萨翁(10月23日摄)。 100年前,它诞生在美国波士顿,轰动一时,成为北美四大名琴之一。然而,历史的变迁中,它一度伤痕累累,无法再发声。



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