Restora­tion Of Some Ku­lang­su Sights (鼓浪屿景点修复)

On Ku­lang­su Is­land, there are many places that are very beau­ti­ful. Since Ku­lang­su be­came a UN­ESCO World Cul­tur­al Her­itage site, the lo­cal gov­ern­ment has been work­ing on the restora­tion of some tourist sights such as the In­scrip­tions on Cliff Sur­faces, and a big rock lay­ing on the ocean which looks like a li­on. The As­so­ciate Di­rec­tor of Ku­lang­su World Her­itage Su­per­vi­sion Cen­ter, Songrong Cai is hop­ing that more and more tourists will vis­it these sel­dom no­ticed sights rather than those over crowd­ed cen­tral ar­eas such as Long Tou Road.