Picky About Food (Tiao Shi 挑食)

This is one of the swanki­est ta­bles in town, with an orig­i­nal branch on Quanzhou Lu and an even more pol­ished new branch on Fu­jian Lu.

Picky About Food (Tiao Shi 挑食)

Picky About Food is high­ly se­lec­tive in its in­gre­di­ent sourc­ing, with re­li­able lo­cal and in­ter­na­tion­al seafood swim­ming in well-tend­ed tanks and an el­e­vat­ed lev­el of ser­vice that seems al­most stuffy by Ku­lang­su standards.

Picky About Food (Tiao Shi 挑食)Be­neath pre­cise­ly po­si­tioned Edi­son bulbs, you’ll dine at sleek wood­en ta­bles and wood­en chop­sticks and spoons.

Picky About Food (Tiao Shi 挑食)A pleas­ant way to start is gan bei zhu sun tang (干杯玉笋汤), a gen­tle clear soup of mi­nus­cule dried scal­lops, veiled la­dy mush­room (a translu­cent white and ir­re­sistibly spongy bam­boo fun­gus whose sug­ges­tive species name is Phal­lus in­du­sia­tus), and tofu.

Picky About Food (Tiao Shi 挑食)One of the house spe­cial­i­ties is dubbed “Boston lob­ster” (bo si tun long xia,波士顿龙虾), which comes steamed with glass noo­dles, gar­lic, oil, and spring onions. This prep is more in the Ku­lang­su street-food style than any­thing you might find in Mass­a­chu­setts, but it’s fresh, fla­vor­ful, and juicy.

Picky About Food (Tiao Shi 挑食)

If you once en­joyed the Chi­nese-Amer­i­can dish known as “egg foo young” back when it was a stan­dard at U.S. Chi­nese restau­rants in the 1980s, as I did, then tiao shi dou fu ( 天使豆腐), fried egg cus­tard cubes in a light brown sauce, will take you back. On the oth­er hand, the taste, tex­ture, and name of this dish might al­so fool you in­to think­ing you’re eat­ing to­fu. It’s adorned with toma­toes and thin­ly juli­enned red peppers.

Picky About Food (Tiao Shi 挑食)Oth­er lo­cal spe­cial­ties in­clude fen shen yu mi bang(分针玉米棒): long, full-bel­lied “corn clams” steamed with gar­lic glass noodles.

Picky About Food (Tiao Shi 挑食)

Picky About Food (Tiao Shi 挑食)Address:15 Fu­jian Road, Gu­langyu Is­land, Sim­ing Dis­trict, Xi­a­men City, China