Re­vival of Sea (Zai Sheng Hai 再生海)

This full-ser­vice restau­rant has a classy wood-heavy in­te­ri­or and a cou­ple of ta­bles in a sun­ny gar­den, mak­ing it a re­lax­ing place to duck out of its crowd­ed tourist neigh­bor­hood for lunch.

Revival of Sea (Zai Sheng Hai 再生海)

The kitchen’s lo­cal and in­ter­na­tion­al dish­es are well ex­e­cut­ed and easy to en­joy, and the menu is well trans­lat­ed in­to Eng­lish. Try the ap­pe­tiz­er-sized noo­dles with deeply fla­vored fried onions, fried rice with ba­con and salmon, and fried pork in sweet vine­gar soy sauce. Prices are mid-range.

Ad­dress: 9 Gux­in Road, Gu­langyu Is­land, Sim­ing Dis­trict, Xi­a­men City, China