Long Tou Shark Balls (Long Tou Yu Wan Dian 龙头鱼丸店)

Long Tou Shark Balls (Long Tou Yu Wan Dian 龙头鱼丸店)

When Kulangsu locals miss the flavors of their hometown, many of them miss most of all the shark-ball soup from this little, locally run shop, which has been on the island for several decades. As you can see from the woman hand-rolling the shark balls at a counter at the front of the restaurant, there’s a treat the middle of each small, spongy ball: a secret stash of hot, delicious ground shark meat that bursts into your mouth after you bite into the ball.

A serving of about 10 shark balls comes in each cardboard soup bowl, to which you can add a few shakes of the pungent local white pepper for an extra-funky kick. The meat comes from small local sharks, and prices are very cheap. Lines can be long at busy hours, but it moves fast, so don’t let the wait keep you away from this local delicacy.

Address: 183 Longtou Road, Gulangyu Island, Siming District, Xiamen City, China