Long Tou Shark Balls (Long Tou Yu Wan Di­an 龙头鱼丸店)

When Ku­lang­su lo­cals miss the fla­vors of their home­town, many of them miss most of all the shark-ball soup from this lit­tle, lo­cal­ly run shop, which has been on the is­land for sev­er­al decades. As you can see from the woman hand-rolling the shark balls at a counter at the front of the restau­rant, there’s a treat the mid­dle of each small, spongy ball: a se­cret stash of hot, de­li­cious ground shark meat that bursts in­to your mouth af­ter you bite in­to the ball.

Long Tou Shark Balls (Long Tou Yu Wan Dian 龙头鱼丸店)

A serv­ing of about 10 shark balls comes in each card­board soup bowl, to which you can add a few shakes of the pun­gent lo­cal white pep­per for an ex­tra-funky kick. The meat comes from small lo­cal sharks, and prices are very cheap. Lines can be long at busy hours, but it moves fast, so don’t let the wait keep you away from this lo­cal del­i­ca­cy.

Ad­dress: 183 Long­tou Road, Gu­langyu Is­land, Sim­ing Dis­trict, Xi­a­men City, Chi­na